Teufel Real Blue NC – Good Affordable ANC Headphones

Real Blue NC setup

More and more headphone makers are starting to see the increasing demand for good quality noise canceling headphones. The successor of Teufel’s Mute BT is the Real Blue NC, Teufel’s first Active Noise Cancelling headphones. With a price significantly cheaper then its competitors and providing more or less the same audio experience, the Real Blue NC definitely provides great and unique value.

Design & Build – Solid Build, Premium Layout

Real Blue NC Buttons
ANC switch on the left side and the power and Bluetooth buttons on the right.

Visually, the Real Blue NC looks premium and modern. The headphones are mostly made out of plastic which make them feel a little less premium in the hand, however this gets largely compensated by the workmanship and aesthetic. The reflection of the Teufel logo together with the positioning and layout of screws, platters and the control buttons is on point.

The wearing comfort is fully in order. The Real Blue NC sits firm and well on the hand and the ear cushions are pleasant and soft as well as the headband. Even when we used the headphones for relatively long sessions, it still was very comfortable.

At the back of the headphones, we find on the right side, the two buttons for power and Bluetooth. Underneath Teufel decided to put cover over the inputs for USB and jack with a small rubber strap. The main reason for this is to protect the inputs from dirt. On the left side the slider for the ANC-mode, a clear click underlines the change from on and off here.

Connectivity & Battery – Good standards

Connecting with the Real Blue NC is quick and easy. This can be done via Bluetooth (4.0) or via the the 3.5mm mini jack. Charging is done through the Micro USB-A port.

The non-removable battery lasts up to 30 hours, depending on the selected volume. We haven’t been able to fully test this, but we could easily use the headphones for 3 days without having to charge it.

Real Blue NC Box
What’s in the box!

Sound Quality – Surprisingly impressive

Now we come to the most important part of the review which of course is the sound quality. Let’s start by saying that the stereo field of the Real Blue’s is convenient, creating a realistic sense of left, right and spacey depth. There is also an impressive detail for the mid & high frequencies, which sound crisp and clear. Vocals feel warm and rich in the mix. The bass frequencies in general are punchy, however this depends also on the music genre you are listening.

The feature we are most excited about on the Real Blue’s, is Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), especially at this price point. The ANC filters out the outside noise via separate microphones and will give you a more enriching and deeper listening experience in somewhat noisy environments. In addition, the bass levels will get a little more power while the dominant mid frequencies will be reduced a bit. The ANC was especially of great use during our travels and commutes.


The Real Blue NC offers everything that characterizes a proper ANC headphone. Its build quality is solid and looks are premium. Connecting and using the headphones is simple and easy. And the sound quality combined with the ANC provide a rich and pleasant sound experience. We would love to have seen some metal or aluminum components being added to its design, but this would naturally influence the price.

If you are looking for a simple everyday headphone with a solid sound and also reduce the external noise, the Real Blue NC’s got you covered. Interested in the Real Blue NC or would you like to have more information? Please visit Teufel’s website.

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