Teufel One S – Compact without compromises


The Teufel One S is a premium, elegant and solid speaker from Teufel. It is the smallest speaker in Teufel’s line-up and the successor of the Raumfeld One S. Teufel decided to release the new One S line-up under the Teufel brand which now is powered by Raumfeld. In this review we are going to tell you all about this new and compact speaker.

Design & build – Minimal and premium

There is no doubt that the One S really has an elegant, minimal and premium look and feel. The speaker has a solid built quality and is made out of aluminium, high quality plastic and rubber components. The One S is available in the colors white and black. We preferred the white design, because of the contrast it creates with the black components of the speaker.

Looking at the size of the speaker we can absolutely confirm that it is a relatively small speaker. The height of the speaker is 16,7 cm, the width is 10 cm and the depth is 8,6 cm. You could classify the One S as a bookshelf speaker in our opinion.

The front of the speaker consists of a premium black fabric with underneath an aluminium frame showing the Teufel logo along with the power button and an LED light indicator. The sides of the speaker also have this premium black fabric together with the well refined high quality plastic. This high quality plastic is covering most of the speaker and specifically the back. Below on the back you can also find the different input ports.

Lastly, the top of the speaker holds an aluminum panel of physical buttons. The standard buttons such as play and pause and next and previous can be found here. Old fashion but very useful in some cases.

The back of the Teufel One S with all her different ports

Setup & connectivity – Easy, but limited

After plugging in the power cord and turning on the One S, setting up and connecting with the speaker is easy. Just download the free Teufel Raumfeld app and follow the setup process. The app helps you to connect the One S easily with your network. After everything is set and done, you can easily stream music to your One S via the app.

The biggest shortcoming of Teufel’s app is the limited support for streaming services. Currently the app only supports Spotify (Connect), Tidal and Napster. The main streaming services of Apple (Apple Music), Amazon (Amazon Music) and Google (Google Play Music) are currently not directly supported through the app.

Although the support for a wide range of streaming services is limited, there is always the possibility of connecting via bluetooth or via the USB port. This simply works as you expect it to work: Seamless and quick. Even though we admit that this is not the most convenient way to stream music. With regards to this we expect it is just a matter of time untill we see the other streaming services join the list of Teufel.

Sound quality – Surprisingly impressive

Finally, let us look at the most important element of the One S: the sound quality. Despite its compact and small size, the sound quality of the One S is absolutely impressive. High frequencies sound clean and clear and low frequencies are full and powerful. The midrange sound quality is where the One S really stands out.

Also during our testing we were really pushing the boundaries when it came to the volume. The One S really was able to impressively handle high volumes without any distortion in sound quality. It is safe to say that this speaker can easily fill living rooms and offices with rich and crisp audio quality.


The Teufel One S is a compact speaker with a very clean and minimal design. It is made out of premium and high quality materials. The setup process through the Teufel Raumfeld app is easy and intuitive, but the support for the different streaming services is limited. Most importantly, the audio quality of this relatively small speaker is absolutely impressive. Do not let its size fool you.

Interested in the Teufel one S or would you like to have more information? Please visit Teufel’s website.

The One S can perfectly serve as a desk or bookshelf speaker in offices and living rooms.

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