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Teufel recently launched their two new soundbars: The Cinebar Ultima and the Cinedeck. Both look absolutely gorgeous and we are excited to share our reviews of both of these premium products. We already reviewed the Cinebar Ultima here, so now it’s time to cover the Cinedeck.

Design & build – Wildly refined

Compared to the Cinebar Ultima, the Cinedeck has effectively been created to mount your television and or monitor on top of it. It’s compact, flat and modern design adds to its usability and at the same time makes it a perfect fit for modern houses and apartments.

Just as on the Cinebar Ultima, the Cinedeck offers a control panel which can be found on the right side. These are simple, yet elegant physical buttons. There’s a volume control wheel, on/off and play & pause button (same button) and a separate source selection button.

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The control buttons on the Cinedeck can be found on the right side

Setup & connectivity – Seamlessly Simple

Connecting the Cinedeck is more or less the same as with the Cinebar Ultima. Easily connect your TV, gameconsole or Blu-ray player via HDMI. The connection is done through the integrated Audio Return Channel or ARC. Older TV’s, can also connect via optical signal or RCA. But by far the best connection feature is Bluetooth. Connecting the Cinedeck with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth source is absolutely a huge game changer.

Sound quality – The Right Balance

First of all (again) we need to mention that the sound tests we performed were in a relatively small room, which obviously influenced our results and experience. We tested the sound of movies as well as played several different genres of music.

Besides the fact the Teufel Cinedeck is not only a practical and modern looking speaker, it also delivers an impressive sound performance. The Cinedeck comes with seven broadband chassis. Five speakers at the front and two speakers at the sides (5,25-inch). The two side speakers provides a beautiful surround sound due to the ‘Dynamore Ultra-Technology’ which we also find in the Cinebar Ultima. The two subwoofers are located at the bottom facing down (5,25-inch), which seems a bit odd. Somehow this design choice was for the better because the bass in our tests was more then good.

The speaker systems within the Cinedeck

Overall the Cinedeck’s sound is well balanced and on point. The mid-frequencies and high-frequencies are warm and pleasant to hear. Although the high-frequencies could be a bit more detailed since this part of the spectrum misses a bit of detail in our tests.

The German company has certainly done a good job with regards to the low-frequencies. The low sound information pops nicely through the mix and is not excessively dominant. The two downwards facing subwoofers create a deep and natural bass, making the overall mix balanced and the music experience vivid and rich.


Teufel really tries to serve a unique segment in the market by offering a truly impressive sounddeck/soundbar at an affordable price. The Cinedeck’s design is a great addition for every modern living room and can house your average television on top. Connecting with the Cinedeck is childishly simple. But most important of all is its sound. It’s crisp, rich and very balanced.

For us deciding between the Cinedeck or Cinebar Ultima really comes down to which design you prefer. Both speakers sound absolutely gorgeous and again connecting with both speakers is similar. Both speakers feature Dynamore Ultra-technology and thus provide an impressive spatial sound experience during your movies. Either which soundbar you choose, you will end up with an amazing piece of musical craftsmanship.

Interested in the Cinedeck or would you like to have more information? Please visit Teufel’s website.

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