Teufel Cinebar Ultima – Sound in Balance

Teufel Cinebar Ultima

Teufel recently launched their two new soundbars: The Cinebar Ultima and the Cinedeck. Both look absolutely gorgeous and we are excited to share our reviews of both of these premium products, starting today with the Cinebar Ultima.

Design & build – Wildly refined

The design of the Cinebar Ultima comes in two different flavors. You can go for the more industrial wild look by not using the speaker covers (which is the default), or keep it modern and simple by using the fabric covers. The covers can easily be attached and removed by the help of some tiny magnets placed around the speakers.

The top of the Cinebar Ultima presents Teufel’s famous control panel. Here we can find the buttons for volume control, for playback control and source selection (useful when you don’t want to use the remote)..

The Cinebar Ultima with and without the fabric cover

Setup & connectivity – Endless possibilities

What really makes the Cinebar Ultima stand out from it’s competition is the way you can get connected to it.

Connecting the Cinebar Ultima to your TV, gameconsole or Blu-ray player can easily be done via HDMI. The connection is done through the integrated Audio Return Channel or ARC. For older TV’s, there is also the possibility to connect through optical signal or RCA.

However, what’s truly amazing is the fact that the Cinebar Ultima can function as a separate Bluetooth speaker. Simply change the source to Bluetooth and you are ready to go. The sound quality is impressive, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Connecting the Cinebar Ultima to your TV simple and easy

Sound quality – The ‘Sub’ Soundbar

First of all we need to mention that the sound tests we performed were in a relatively small room, which obviously influenced our results and experience. We tested the sound of movies as well as played some different genres of music.

Let’s start by saying that the Berlin-based manufacturer really has created a well-balanced sound setup. The Cinebar Ultima comes with a total of six speaker: Four 3.5-inch wide bands to provide the strong presence of the mid-frequencies and comfortable crispy high-frequencies, and two bass drivers (8 x 4 inches) in an oval-shape for the body low-frequencies.

Normally a speaker leaves the bass frequencies to the subwoofer, which is a separate unit. The Cinebar Ultima multi-speaker system has integrated the sub in the soundbar. The low-frequencies can go below 50 Hz which is impressive. This in combination with the Dynamo Ultra Technology gives a pleasant and full focused audio spectrum.

Although the sidefiring speakers and Dynamore Ultra Technology are responsible for creating a surround sounding experience, we missed a little bit of depth and richness in this area. This is obvious since creating the real surround sound experience you will need to have additional speakers around you.

One of the Cinebar Ultima’s sidefiring drivers


The Teufel Cinebar Ultima is without a doubt a complete all-in-one soundbar. Offering a more industrial inside and modern designs is a big plus. The integrated subwoofer offers pleasant low tones, reaching deeper into the frequency spectrum than expected. The surround sound experience is good, but not the best. Altogether we think Teufel offers a great soundbar at an affordable price.

Interested in the Cinebar Ultima or would you like to have more information? Please visit Teufel’s website.

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